Diagnostic Services in Boulder, CO

If you can’t identify the problem with your vehicle, don’t despair – Slipstream Autocare has the tools and expertise necessary to diagnose a wide variety of ailments. You can count on us to provide you with an accurate and prompt assessment of your vehicle’s health.

Slipstream Autocare has been the premier source of automotive diagnostics in Boulder, CO since 1981. You can depend on our expert team members to apply their extensive experience and knowledge to each and every vehicle we work with. Here are just some of the tactics we may employ to diagnose your car’s problems:


  • Engine code reading:
    We provide check engine light repair in Boulder, CO by reading OBD codes from your car’s computer. If your vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated, bring it to our talented team as soon as possible. We can help identify and address a wide range of engine issues using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.
  • Road test:
    We regularly implement a road test with diagnostic equipment aboard or various engine tests to determine the nature of your car’s problems. Depending on the types of symptoms you’re experiencing, we may get behind the wheel to figure out the best way to identify and treat your vehicle’s problems. Our caring technicians aim to exemplify customer service.
  • Sensory inspection:
    Our team will often perform a visual inspection of the engine and the drivetrain as part of the diagnostic process. For instance, we will closely examine the state of the engine’s vacuum tubes. We will also listen to the engine while it is operating to identify the source of mechanical problems.

Our highly qualified team of expert technicians is capable of diagnosing nearly any vehicle. Whether you drive a European import, a hybrid car, an Asian import or a domestic truck, you can count on us to provide you with the same high degree of accuracy.

If you need help determining what’s wrong with your vehicle, don’t delay. Reach out to the knowledgeable technicians at Slipstream Autocare today at 303-449-9843. We can help you identify and address nearly any automotive issues. Contact us today to learn more!