Gunther Rau

Technician, 1997 to present. Master Certified Hybrid Technician. Born June 1, 1967 on a ranch in clear creek county Colorado — native born and still here! Big animal lover, I have two dogs, three cats and big fish tank. I really don’t know why I still have the fish! I am enthusiastic about motorcycles, and started buying, fixing, and riding dirt bikes at the age of 10. I rode them wherever — trails and streets. Made a rule for myself: no street bikes for me! I now ride a big, fast dirt bike with a license plate as a commuter… it’s not a street bike! I like to spend my free time in the outdoors and the wilderness. It’s best when you backpack in to a hard-to-get-to place with no other people around for miles. Remote control airplanes are another hobby of mine: I build them, fly them, and crash them. It’s not as easy as it looks. Between two periods at slipstream, I worked as an electrician for several years in many areas of the field, then two years wiring, building, and servicing robotics.