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Slipstream Autocare is an independently owned auto-repair shop with a team of technicians that are dedicated to quality and excellence, regardless of the circumstances. We work hard to do things right and have been doing so since 1981. 

Slipstream specializes in German and Asian Imports as well as popular American makes. To learn more about the vehicles we service click here -->.  

Slipstream was founded in 1981 by Bill Pichardo, who believed that he could perform auto service with a higher level of competence and professionalism than was available at the time. Through dedication and hard work, Bill has spent the past three decades bringing together a group of like-minded technicians who comprise the team that serves you today.

We at Slipstream believe that the automobile plays a more important role is one’s daily life than many people realize.

Driving an automobile is the most diverse, dynamic and dangerous environment that average people place themselves in on an everyday basis.

Accordingly, the safety and reliability of the automobile can have a direct and significant effect on the driver’s livelihood, lifestyle, life and limb. For these reasons, it is our goal to keep your vehicle at the highest level of safety and reliability throughout its useful life!

Owning an automobile has a substantial financial impact on the average person’s life, both in its purchase and maintenance costs. Decisions regarding which automobile to buy, how to maintain and repair it, and when to replace it are important, and best done in an atmosphere of ready exchange of information, mutual respect and trust.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make intelligent decisions about your vehicle throughout its life.

We welcome your questions about your automobile and our services: we will keep you informed about its condition, and we will make every attempt to give you advance warning of major repair and maintenance expenses. We will also tell you when we feel further expenditure is unwise.

Putting the customer's interest first is the cornerstone of our business philosophy, and it has created the high level of customer loyalty and confidence that we have maintained for three decades.

Are we perfect? No. While we are human and occasionally make mistakes, Slipstream goes to greater lengths and higher efforts to correct mistakes and satisfy the customer than any service facility, anywhere, period. Slipstream does not meet the standard in this area, we set it!

References? Slipstream can provide more than a thousand customer reference In addition to a local customer base of more than 1600 people from two generations, it is our privilege to provide regular and repeated service to customers from California, Maine, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Such customer loyalty is among our proudest achievements, and earning this loyalty is our perpetual and primary responsibility! We look forward to working with you.  Most of all, we look forward to showing off how we've been a Boulder business for over 30 years!

Slipstream Autocare 1981

Slipstream Autocare 1981

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