Bill Pichardo

Meet The Owner

Bill Pichardo Founder and owner, 1981 to present. Born on a farm in New Jersey and grew up in the East. Fell instantly in love with Colorado on first visit in 1967 and moved here in 1981. Left a career position at Swarthmore college (which I loved!) to start a business and live in Colorado. Lifelong motorsports enthusiast. Have built and driven race cars since 1961 in such sports as go karts, pro rally, autocross and road racing, in environments ranging from the Canadian winter rally to Pike’s Peak Hill Climb. Moderately successful racing career: the older I get the faster I am! Will bore you with details if you wish... Lifelong animal lover, currently have two wonderful happy dogs and one grumpy cat. Enjoy restoring and driving collectible cars from the 50s and 60s — a high water mark in my opinion before the discovery of environmental damage and the end of innocence. In spite of the above, environmentally conscious since high school, when my mother co-founded the first recycling center in the state of New Jersey, and had me stomping on tin cans in the acme parking lot in Flemington, New Jersey in 1965. I love what I do, adore the people I work with, and when my alarm goes off at 5 a.m., I sit up in bed and look forward to going to work!